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Your Security — Our # 1

Your life, your family’s life, and lives of the people you care about could be transformed in a second for the worse.  A single click on your smartphone can make a world of difference in your finance, reputation, and your peace of mind. If you surf the Internet without a VPN it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when your data will be compromised. When it happens to you, everything you hold dearly could change in an instant. Your bank account, your reputation, and your spirit are at risk of being broken in a moment.

I wish I could tell you that your future is not this grim, but the facts are that it is abundantly easy to steal your information. It’s easy to steal the very information that keeps you strong, secure, and happy in your life. I want you to know we are here to help you prevent this catastrophe from ever happening in your life, and we deeply care about your security. We hope after learning more you partner with us to protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

Here is how the story goes

I was using my smartphone at a coffee shop, I connect to the shop’s WIFI to conserve my data usage on my smartphone. I check my email, social network, and log in to other sites with my username and password, after 20 minutes I leave the coffee shop. I start my car and head out to the shopping mall. Determined to buy my loved one a special gift for their birthday. After an hour of shopping, I’ve made my selection, and am at the check out. Only, my card is getting rejected for insufficient funds. I know I have funds available, so this is quite odd. I can not complete the transaction, and in the car I call my credit card company. I find that there has been a bunch of transactions to South Africa for services I’ve never heard of. I’ve been hacked, although at the moment I don’t know how.

Here is what happened

While you were at the coffee shop and connecting to the the public WIFI there was someone stealing your information. Let’s analyze the situation. Public WIFI spots are inherently not secure. Anyone with a computer can capture traffic over the air and steal your information. You logged into your email, social account, and other websites. So what do those have to do with your bank account? It’s probable that one of the websites that you logged into may have not yet upgraded their Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections to Transport Layer Security (TLS).  Less than 25% of Internet sites have upgraded to TLS at the time of this writing, and if one of those sites were using SSL as opposed to TLS, then they could have implemented a man-in-the-middle attack and read all your private information. Having collected your password for one of these sites, they took the wild guess that you use the same password for other sites. They checked all the brand name banks, with your username and password and found one that worked, and it happened to be the bankcard you were trying to use to make a purchase. Since they logged into your account, they stole your credentials and made purchases on your behalf that can’t be traced.

How can this happen?


  • WIFI is inherently not secure
  • Hacking is easy
  • Hacking does not require special knowledge
  • Hacking tools are freely available

Click on the video below sponsored by NatGeo to see how easy it is to steal you information.

If you thought that hacking was only for criminally brilliant people you were wrong.  The fact is that anyone can do it with little to no training. It does not require you to be a programmer to hack a system these days; it’s as simple as downloading a software program, and clicking a few buttons to steal your information.

We hope by now you are scared strait. If not, the video below sponsored by 60 Minutes should drive our point home.

Although the video above displays a group of brilliant hackers who were able to steal the reporters information, don’t be fooled, they were using freeware tools that makes this scenario criminally easy. Anyone, literally anyone that is willing to follow a simple guide can do this. The problem is that this gets easier every day, as more hacker write about their exploits on the internet.

If you want to protect your private financial information, your reputation, and have a peace of mind then its time that you act now by protecting your online activity.  If you don’t its not a matter of if you get hacked, its when you get hacked.


Internet Security

Nue Wave VPN uses the latest generation of strong encryption.  When you are using your smartphone or computer out in the public on wifi there are many security vulnerabilities. The common man in the middle attack is simple to do for unsophisticated script kiddies. They pretend to be a WiFi hot spot, forwarding your traffic, but all the while sniffing your traffic to steal your passwords and private information.  Using Nue Wave VPN service protects you from these adversaries and keeps your traffic secure.

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Internet Privacy

Nue Wave VPN - Internet Privacy IncognitoYour internet privacy is important to us.  We keep your internet browsing private, so people can not see, detect, nor decipher your internet traffic.  When your VPN is turned on hacker and unscrupulus prying eyes can not peek at your traffic. This makes it safer for your to conduct bank transactions, internet shopping cart transactions, and just browse the internet with no one being able to sniff your traffic.  As a matter of fact, the encryption we use is so good the government can’t even see your traffic, nor trace it back to you. In addition we never log any of your internet VPN traffic.

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Internet Access

With Nue Wave VPN you can browse the internet in other countries virtually, search results will come up in the native language of that country. While internet shopping for goods and services you won’t be blocked arbitrarily because the store doesn’t ship to your country. The regular prices of goods in that country will be the results that would be showed if you were in that country.

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