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Product Offerings

  • Single Key Plan: The single key plan is great for someone who just wants to protect their browsing on their mobile device.  Keeping cellular and wifi browsing secure from prying eyes.  Our service is blazing fast when compared to any of our competitors.  In fact we recommend that you turn it on, and leave it on always, you won’t even notice a difference in your speed we are so good.
  • Power User Plan: Our power user plan is great for someone who wants to connect their phone, computer, and tablet to a VPN service, and secure all of their traffic. Like the Single Key Plan, our service is the blazing fast.

Coming Soon!

Thank you for your interest in our products.  The following products are under construction and not yet available.

  • Friends Plan: this plan in the near future will enable you to pay for one vpn account and share your keys with sub-accounts.  You simply assign the number of keys you want to give away or share to another user.  Your family or friend will have their own account, and will have access to download their keys.
  • Family Plan: this plan includes all the features of the Friends plan but also enables you to network your devices virtually.  All of your device will be able to see each other as if they were on a LAN.  Access your files securely from anywhere you are.
  • All Business Plans: The business plans are like the family plan, except they have many more keys.
  • Hardware VPN: We are currently developing a hardware VPN for users who want to have every device in their home on a always on VPN.  This product will be built on a wifi router with custom configuration options.

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